…with lashings of ginger beer?


A weekend jaunt planned by the Dictators at Chez Trix when it was too icy to ride one Sunday came to fruition this weekend.  The Dictators were joined by Ray, Roger, Steve H, Sue and Mike, Helena and Steve and last but totally least, Sam and Derek.  Sam and Derek came back early on Sunday morning as they went over as foot passengers and had run out of clean clothes.  There is only so many times you can turn your dirty clothes inside out and cycling shorts look a bit weird with the chamois on the outside.

Friday afternoon a grossly over spec’d JB, Abdu and Trix rode round the Ryde boating lake , Abdu in full GB kit, amongst all of the little toddlers on their balance bikes and scooters. It was a good 22 miler round to Bembridge and then back up North over the island via a 22% hill.  Bad navigation by Trix not to miss that one! The route back into  Ryde was down an interesting path which saw all at the bottom of the ascent in the wrong gear and almost wrapped around the speed restriction barriers, but not too much harm done.

Saturday after a ride down Ryde pier, the famous six?, or should it be speedy six, super six or just six, set off round the island clockwise via Bembridge.  We took a detour to Ventor so Ray could ride up the side of the  Col de Ventnor Eiger, from the beach to the top of the Downs, accompanied by Abdu and Roger.  Rumour has it Ray and Roger may even have changed out of the big ring but we have no evidence of this.  Steve H, JB and Trix completed a dignified half of the climb and then waited for the fast descenders.  Ray did turn up with half a hedge still attached to him and Abdu had a close encounter with a cow….

We then trundled off west to Freshwater Bay for a photograph opportunity, then Yarmouth, glorious in the sunshine and then back cross country to West Cowes for some lunch.  We crossed over on the ferry at 1.7 mph which increased all of our averages for the day and then headed back cross country to Havenstreet and then into Ryde via the same interesting path as yesterday, to witness the same carnage with Trix riding into a hedge this time at 0.5 miles ph.  A  great 75 mile route, beautiful views over the island, over the mainland, out to sea and into the Solent.  Lovely houses, well-kept gardens, a resplendent rhododendron near Yarmouth, plenty of ups and plenty of downs.

Sunday we headed out of Ryde due South to Upton and Newchurch via a 16% hill (bad navigating again) to Shanklin, Sandown and back to Bembridge.  A nice tea stop, memorable for Roger eating a two foot swiss roll and recreating a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds and the café having a dog in the kitchen…  then back to Ryde – a pleasant 27 miles.

Great riding, fantastic road surfaces, lovely weather but most especially amazing company from Tiptree Velo!!!!


Trix J