We have known about an old aerodrome at Stow Maries for a  long time, but only recently, thanks to an invite from Paul to a talk we found out the historic significance of the place it seems that it is possibly the only surviving WW1 aerodrome left in the world. Others were used again in WW2 and have been completely changed or there is no real trace left (as in the case of Goldhanger). Stow Maries when the RAF moved out, the farmer moved in and used the buildings for storage, luckily preserving them in their original state, (apart from the odd hole in the wall for tractor access).The friends of Stow Maries Aerodrome have been slowly putting the site back to it’s original condition they still have an original WW1 Loo but you do not have to use this one they do have new ones and thanks to grants have acquired the land, they have refurbished several buildings as you can imagine tractors and parquet floors do not mix.Together with Pat & Paul we took a ride over to try and locate the place it is quite a large site and very atmospheric, once a year they have a fly in day,when they expect to get several period planes as well as the Tiger Club doing aerobatics sometimes at a dizzy height of 3feet off the ground a display of vintage vehicles and others bits and pieces will be going on. Full details will be on their Web site .This years fly in days are May 10th & 11th so weather permitting as it will be pointless in low cloud/fog/very high winds we thought we would take a ride over on the 10th “another of Pat & Paul world famous Saturday Tours”. There is good news and bad news the bad is entry on a fly in day £10.00, the Good News for some of us 65plus it will be a fiver (I knew my bus pass would come in handy one day).The gates open at 10.00 so if anyone is interested we could leave the library at 9.00 and with a fair wind be there about 10.30 it’s about 17 miles. Anyone interested please let us know.
Les Gill Pat & Paul